My writing (what do you think, shall I continue writing this story?)

I keep having the same dream. I wake up sweaty and scared each time. I can see myself in a field, being happy and surrounded by people. Who are they? I don’t know them but we are smiling and everything seems perfect. The next minute I hear shouting but cannot see anything. It’s dark and cold. I keep having this dream since I was a child but I still don’t know what it means. Probably just another stupid nightmare. My life is pretty boring so probably my unconscious just ¬†wants some excitement. I am 27, working as a receptionist at a clinic and still living with my parents. The most exciting part of my day is looking at people on the bus and thinking about what their life might be.

– Hey, Earth to Bianca. Can you hear me? Don’t just stare at the clients. There is a queue in front of you if you haven’t noticed! Remember to check their personal details and take payments after each appointment!

– Oh yes, I am really sorry Lesley. I will.